The Bastard Mummy

The Bastard Mummy

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Detectives Finch and Elias have seen a lot -- murders, assaults, rapes, missing persons -- but they've never investigated a missing mummy before. Follow the two partners as they sift through a half dozen different suspects and try to solve the mystery of a stolen child mummy from the River City museum.

Part whodunit mystery, part procedural, with more than a little wise-cracking along the way, The Bastard Mummy has a little something for all kinds of mystery readers.

Set in Frank Zafiro's River City universe.

More Finch and Elias stories appear in Dead Even.


Author: Frank Zafiro
Narrator: David Temple
Publisher: Code 4 Press
Run time: 1 hours 32 minutes
Release Date: 10/13/2012