The Billionaire's Best Friend

The Billionaire's Best Friend

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You ever meet someone and have that immediate click? That was Kayla and me. First day of our first teaching jobs and we both just knew we were going to be best friends forever.

And we are.

She does a great job keeping me down to earth—a skill I appreciate even more now that I’m a billionaire.

Except lately, it’s like she’s pulling away.

It started with her spending more time with my sister instead of hanging out with me. And now it feels like I’m in danger of losing a lot more than my best friend and I don’t know how to make it stop.


Author: Elizabeth Maddrey
Narrator: Emma Faye, Joel Simler
Publisher: JoNaTiMa Books
Run time: 8 hours 9 minutes
Release Date: 12/07/2022