Billionaire's Housekeeper, The - Billionaires of Belmont Book 3

Billionaire's Housekeeper, The - Billionaires of Belmont Book 3

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Notorious playboy and hotel heir, Chase Belmont, needs to get away from it all—gold-digging women, a sex tape scandal and unwanted media attention. Now he’s in a dilemma surrounding the grave illness of his father, patriarch Jonah E Belmont, III, who urges him to marry soon or find true love before the elder passes on. After Chase is summoned to the scenic waterfront Belmont Valley Ranch & Spa for an emergency, he decides to go undercover as Chad, a maintenance worker, but his emotions are anything but undercover when he meets the new, lovely housekeeper…


Abbi Lopez has had enough of lying, cheating men. Her ex had broken her heart and her trust when she learned he had been living a secret double life. Quite frankly, the last thing she needed was another smooth talker with an ulterior motive. When Abbi is hired at the Belmont Hotel’s Ranch & Spa, the last thing she expects is handsome, blue-collar worker, Chad. Is he the real deal? Can she really trust him to be truly honest with her and as caring as he appears to be?


"Great story full of romance and mystery. You will love the characters and the setting."

"Absolutely loved it. Loved the story, I have already read (it) twice!"

"Fantastic brilliant writing! Could not put it down"

"I am loving this Belmont series. 1 by 1 the brothers are falling in love. Lots of sexual tension in this story and deception. Roll on book 4."


Author: Shadonna Richards
Narrator: L.W. Salinas
Publisher: Shadonna Richards
Run time: 6 hours 10 minutes
Release Date: 02/20/2019