The Christmas Time Travelers 2: The Professors Journey

The Christmas Time Travelers 2: The Professors Journey

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In this charming children's tale, The Christmas Time Travelers II: The Professor's Journey, four dogs, a time machine, and a curious and well-meaning professor will visit ancient Bethlehem on a very special night. Professor Malcolm McDougal lives in the pleasant, almost old-fashioned town of Coventry, in New England. Two years ago on Christmas Eve, his three furry canines - Lily, Benji, and Karat - were transported by his special invention - the time machine - and took a remarkable trip to Bethlehem. Lily returned with a small scrap of the blue blanket wrapped around the baby Jesus accidentally caught on her collar. Now Christmas is coming around, and a fourth pet has joined the group - Jem, a sweet but very restless puppy. The Professor begins to imagine that he could also make that journey, to see with his own eyes what his pets saw two years before. He rushes to the costume shop just in time to garb himself in authentic looking shepherd's robe, belt, and head covering. After he activates his invention and disappears to the past, the dogs, curious, hop into the machine. Jem's excitement causes a paw to hit the start button. Thus they will all wind up in Bethlehem, very identifiable because of the bright star shining overhead, and all will witness the holy child and his mother being visited and adored by a group of reverential shepherds. The wise Professor will take two significant actions before returning to the present, demonstrating valuable lessons about the best way to remember his life-changing experience.


Author: L.M.HAYNES
Narrator: Joseph Mack
Run time: 24 minutes
Release Date: 11/30/2022