The Christmas Vigil

The Christmas Vigil

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This Christmas novella from USA Today bestselling author Chris Taylor follows on from The Negotiator in the hugely popular Munro Family Series

A family in denial…

When former New South Wales District Court judge, Duncan Munro, is found lying unconscious in a hotel room surrounded by evidence incriminating him in an affair, his close knit family are rocked to their core.

Marguerite Munro is unwilling to believe her husband of forty years has been cheating on her, but the evidence doesn’t lie. Roses, champagne, massage oils, lingerie…it’s obvious he was expecting a woman and she knows darn well it wasn’t her.

When the distress call goes around the family, they gather together in shock and disbelief. No one wants to believe their father is an adulterer, but the Munro siblings have law enforcement running through their veins. They’ve learned to look at the facts and draw logical conclusions and all of the evidence is pointing toward their father’s guilt…

Will Duncan regain consciousness and provide the explanation they’re praying for, or will this be the end of Marguerite’s marriage and the Munro family as we know it…?


If you love Liliana Hart, Cristin Harber, and Karen Rose, you’ll love this pulse-pounding romantic suspense thriller from Chris Taylor. The Christmas Vigil will keep you glued to the page right until the very end.


Author: Chris Taylor
Narrator: Aiden Snow
Publisher: LCT Productions
Run time: 4 hours 37 minutes
Release Date: 07/21/2016