The Covid Prophecies: A Healing Message for Troubled Times

The Covid Prophecies: A Healing Message for Troubled Times

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A Healing Message for Troubled Times

(author's narration)

When Covid first showed up in 2020, it presented us with a choice: to respond with fear, or to respond with love. This book is an appeal to love, seeing in the virus a social reformer setting us free from structures of exploitation and enslavement.

And there is no better author to deliver this message than Abdiel LeRoy, a former Reuters journalist and Bible scholar, a storyteller and poet, who has discerned and set out for us Covid's prophetic mission, likening it to the role of plague when wielded by Moses to abolish slavery in ancient Egypt.

Weaving between entertaining stories, prophetic analysis, and searing poetry, LeRoy hails the transformational power of this virus while denouncing the mindless response of world leaders who have no better answer than to enrich pharmaceutical companies. You will find here no flag-waving for party or candidate but recognition that the political system, with its imperial structures, is starting to break apart, that it must break apart for the good of planet, peoples, and species.

Whether you are a seeker of Bible prophecy, a climate activist, or simply love great storytelling in poetry and prose, this message of awakened hope will call to your heart.

"A brave new presence in the politics of the globe."

San Francisco Review of Books

“Abdiel LeRoy’s poetry and prose offer intellectual nourishment for critical thinkers and seekers of truth."

Annemarie M. Osborne


Author: A. LeRoy
Narrator: A. LeRoy
Publisher: Unparagoned
Run time: 2 hours 38 minutes
Release Date: 10/26/2021