The Demon's Spell

The Demon's Spell

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When power runs mad, obedience is a curse.


The coven is more divided than ever. Witch hunts have broken out among our own people, but the burnings were only the beginning.

The priestesses will stop at nothing to find the Oaken Wands, and it’s only perpetuating the persecution of witches who dare to speak out. There’s a Wand hidden somewhere inside the school, and if the wicked priestesses find it before we do, chaos will unleash.

My friends and I are prepared to take a stand. Our powers grow stronger by the day, but anyone who defies the council is forced to pay the price.

Rebellion is brewing in Octavia Falls. I have to unite the Casts as one—or face the noose.


A demon has arrived at Miriam College—and he’s my new professor.

He was summoned by the priestesses to locate the Oaken Wands, but his arrival has triggered discord within the coven. Students are turning up dead on campus. I’m certain the demon is behind it, but despite our best efforts, he’s untouchable. The only way to stop the killings is to vanquish him ourselves.

The priestesses want a witch hunt, but Nadine and I will lead an uprising.


Author: Alicia Rades, Hidden Legends
Narrator: Logan Young, Jonathan M Matthews
Publisher: Crystallite Publishing
Run time: 21 hours 37 minutes
Release Date: 01/11/2023