The Devil's Interval: Dan Kotler, Book 3

The Devil's Interval: Dan Kotler, Book 3

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The third Dan Kotler archaeological thriller!

As new technology, based on forbidden historic research, emerges, it quickly turns from hope for millions to a potential threat to billions.

Famed rock-star-turned-philanthropist, Ashton Mink, is murdered in his Manhattan high-rise apartment, leaving behind the words “Devil’s Interval” as the only clue to the killer’s identify or motives.

Dan Kotler, archeologist and consultant with the FBI’s new Historic Crimes Division, and Agent Roland Denzel, of the FBI, are called to the scene of Mink’s murder, and asked to help in the investigation. What they discover is a secret project, based on the research of historic figures such as Sir Isaac Newton, that could alter the course of history and enslave humanity.

Devil’s Interval is a technology so dangerous it was buried twice, only to return and endanger humanity again.

With the assistance of New York Police Detective, Peter Holden, Kotler and Denzel embark on another adventure, racing against the clock to solve Mink’s murder, recover stolen technology, and prevent an act of terrorism against all of humanity.


Author: Kevin Tumlinson
Narrator: Joe Hempel
Publisher: OrangeSky Audio
Run time: 6 hours 20 minutes
Release Date: 08/24/2021