The Devils You Meet On Christmas Day: An Anthology

The Devils You Meet On Christmas Day: An Anthology

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The season isn't what it seems.

While some are nestled cozy in their traditions, others are lost in darkness. An unkindness of ravens lurks like a warning above them while they try to escape their inner demons and fight the dragons they've been trying to avoid. There's no enjoying fatal amounts of pie because their minds are slipping, slipping into a twisted delusion. They are the murderers, the disturbed, the unfortunate, and the misunderstood. These outliers are imprisoned by their circumstances until they slowly fade into the icy landscape, smothered by the forged façade of a perfect Christmas.

In this unsettling collection of stories, authors Katie Coughran, Vanessa K. Eccles, Mary Gray, and Cammie Larsen explore the darkened corners of paranormal, horror, and fantasy to create a gothic and somewhat macabre Christmas read.


Author: Mary Gray, Katie Coughran, Cammie Larsen, Vanessa K Eccles
Narrator: Mary Gray
Publisher: Monster Ivy Publishing
Run time: 2 hours 59 minutes
Release Date: 03/21/2018