The Divine Zetan Trilogy

The Divine Zetan Trilogy

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The Divine Zetan Trilogy is an epic saga that takes place in the 29th century.

The Divine Dissimulation:

In the search of immortality, Abraham Goldstein funds a secret project to build a replica of the Holy Land and uses mind-control technology to convince his captives that he is God of Eden.

The Divine Sedition:

The leader of The Martian Humanist Alliance, Keila Eisenstein overthrows Abraham Goldstein and takes control over Eden. She uses Eden as her base to free her home planet Mars from the tyranny of the Terran Council. In the quest of freeing Mars, she unleashes an ancient alien portal.

The Divine Finalisation

When the malevolent alien Queen of Xeno, Rangda invades Earth, Keila’s daughter, Sabina Eisenstein, is the only one who can save humanity and the rest of the Milky Way Galaxy.


Author: Martin Lundqvist
Narrator: Martin Lundqvist, Elaine Hidayat
Publisher: Martin Lundqvist
Run time: 25 hours 56 minutes
Release Date: 06/24/2020