The Dragon's Straight Mate

The Dragon's Straight Mate

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A cruel twist of fate gives wolf shifter Chad Lawson a male mate. The problem? He's not gay.

Or is he? Growing up with an overbearing alpha father left its mark on Chad. His father considers gays unnatural. Not wanting to lose his connection to his family, he ignores the part of himself that craves male company and affection.

So, when Chad discovers his mate is a man--the stunning Addison MacNair, a powerful dragon shifter--he panics. Allowing his fear to overtake him, Chad lashes out and denies the other part of his soul--destroying his and Addison's hope at love.

But when Chad's father threatens not only Chad but his sister, Chad turns to the only person who can help--Addison. Will Chad be able to mend the pieces of the heart he shattered? Or will the sting of Chad's harsh rejection be too much for Addison to forgive?


Author: C.K. Noel
Narrator: Aaron Ross
Publisher: High Garden Publishing
Run time: 3 hours 11 minutes
Release Date: 06/13/2022