The Earl I Adore

The Earl I Adore

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The Earl I Adore is the sweet/tame version of The Earl’s Bride.


My dearest James,


Since the moment we met at the Bradford’s ball a year ago, I’ve been entranced by you. Do you remember our first meeting? I’ll never forget it. While the music played in the ballroom and everyone danced, I stepped outside for some fresh air and discovered a kitten which had gotten stuck between two branches. I picked up a nearby wooden pail, overturned it and tried to rescue the sweet wee creature. Unfortunately, as I plucked it free, I wobbled and lost my balance. You bounded over bushes to get to me, caught me in your arms and surrounded me with your strength and compassion. That night so long ago, you rescued me, and I discovered a treasure. You.


Now, I could never allow that treasure to be lost, so even though you have an investigation to run so you might uncover who killed your father and brother, I simply can’t ignore your needs and walk away as you’ve demanded. It’s now my turn to bound over bushes for you, to aid you however I can.


You have been warned.


Yours, Sophia.


Each book in this series is standalone, and can be enjoyed out of sequence.


The Duke Who Stole My Heart, #1

The Earl I Adore, #2

To Love During War, #3

My Secret and the Earl, #4

The Prince Who Captured Me, #5

Beware of the Pirate Prince, #6

My Infamous Corsair, #7

Must Love Pirates, #8


Author: Joanne Wadsworth
Narrator: Catherine Bilson
Publisher: Joanne Wadsworth
Run time: 4 hours 9 minutes
Release Date: 05/02/2020