The Finest Hours of The Second World War

The Finest Hours of The Second World War

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“Each war entails the destruction of the human soul”  (Henry Miller).

Humanity should not lose its memory, even if some may try to conceal it.

From the hindsight afforded by the passing of 75 years from the events narrated, with freedom of thought and a totally independent standpoint, Pacific Media have undertaken an arduous research which has resulted in the series: “The Finest Hours of WWII". From the atrocious moment in which Hitler ordered the invasion of Polish territory to the day in which Emperor Hirohito “had to accept the unacceptable”, all is encompassed in this audiobook over its 21 programs

1.    Hitler, the Wolf 

2.    The Onset; The German-Soviet Expansion

3.    The Fürher’s Revenge

4.    The Battle of Britain

5.    The Battle of the Atlantic           

6.    The Desert Fox

7.    The Invasion of The Soviet Union

8.    Mr. President, What About the Japanese?

9.    Midway: Change of Course

10.  Stalingrad

11.  The Desert Rats

12.  The Decline of Fascism

13.  The Slow Italian Campaign

14.  The Road to Tokio

15.  The Pacific in Flames

16.  D Day

17.  The Battle of Kursk

18.  The Battle for Germany

19.  The Agony of The Third Reich

20.  Leyte, Imperial Destiny

21.  "The Peace" of the Atomic Bomb


Author: José Delgado
Narrator: Drew Crosby
Publisher: Pacific Media, S.L.
Run time: 14 hours 50 minutes
Release Date: 01/13/2021