The First-Aid Companion for Dogs and Cats (Prevention Pets)

The First-Aid Companion for Dogs and Cats (Prevention Pets)

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Is there an animal doctor in the house?

“Amy Shojai has created the definitive 911 emergency guide for pets. Long recommended by vets and pet parents alike, now she’s updated the content in an audiobook format to make helping your pet—and saving his life anytime and anywhere—easier than ever before. Every cat and dog lover should have their vet on speed-dial, and this audiobook on their phone. Highly recommended!” -- Dr. Marty Becker, internationally known veterinary expert and founder of &

Download for hands-free emergency veterinary advice on your device! You’ll learn:

  • Which over-the-counter human medications can help—or harm—your dog or cat
  • What to keep in your pet's medicine chest (many essential items are probably in your house already)
  • Basic first-aid techniques, such as cleaning a wound, making a splint, and updated CPR advice—step-by-step!
  • Fear free handling techniques to keep you safe and reduce your pet’s stress
  • How to quickly pinpoint what's wrong with your pet, using the First-Aid Symptom Finder
  • Access the A-to-Z guide to more than 150 injuries and conditions, including Abscesses, Bites from Animals, Car Accidents, Choking, Gunshot Wounds, Heatstroke, Hot Spots, Jellyfish Stings, Poisoning, and Snakebites

Learn when to call the vet, which supplies or medications you'll need, what immediate action you should take, and what you should do as follow-up care. The next time medical help is not quickly available, find lifesaving help with The First-Aid Companion for Dogs and Cats on your audiobook device. It's a pet owner's second-best friend.


Author: Amy Shojai
Narrator: Amy Shojai
Publisher: Furry Muse Publications
Run time: 18 hours 38 minutes
Release Date: 02/24/2021