The First Twelve: Better Together Universe Book Three

The First Twelve: Better Together Universe Book Three

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Rio and Caden met under harsh circumstances when they were both teenagers trying to survive on their own. Together, they raised Rio’s brother and sister and have created a great life for them all filled with lots of love and warmth. But just one thing is missing.Together they’ve made a family for themselves, and now they have a chance to add one more—a child of their own. When Caden’s sister offer’s to be their surrogate they’re overjoyed. Now if they can navigate nine months of pregnancy hormones, morning sickness, and mood-swings everything will be easy. Until one little newborn arrives and keeps them busier than they ever imagined possible. Nine months seemed tough, but the first twelve will be even more challenging.Just like every other challenge they’ve faced they’ll do it together, and they’ll do it with love.


Author: BL Maxwell
Narrator: Curtis Michael Holland
Publisher: BL Maxwell
Run time: 3 hours 46 minutes
Release Date: 01/22/2022