The Founders' Speech to a Nation in Crisis: What The Founders Would Say To America Today

The Founders' Speech to a Nation in Crisis: What The Founders Would Say To America Today

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In a work described as “the ethos of our democratic Republic through the consolidation of the thoughts and words of our founders" and reviews such as “I couldn’t put this book down!” and "A fantastic read. It can be read in one day and reread the next." author Steven Rabb has created a powerful read through the synergized writings of America’s Founding Fathers. Through the words of the Founders, Mr. Rabb has demonstrated with amazing clarity the relevance of America’s founding ideals and their resonance for our nation today. Framing the work as a reunion between the Founders in contemporary America, Mr. Rabb gives voice to their views on modern-day issues covering everything from religious liberty and the rule of law to freedom of speech and the threat tyranny poses still today. The Founders' Speech to a Nation in Crisis is a tapestry of the Founders’ own words written in ten chapters and woven into a single, powerful speech to America. In the first few chapters, we are reminded of the God-given rights of man along with the virtues and duties required in a people who seek to retain them. The final chapter is a powerful charge from the Founders for every American to heed the call and stand to defend our threatened liberties. The continuing relevance of our Founders’ words, revealed in this meticulously crafted work like no other, is a clarion call to defend our natural rights that will stun readers and leave them celebrating America's founding ethos and principles. As one reviewer stated: “I purchased this book based on the good reviews and, wow, it did not disappoint! Never has there been a better time to be reminded of the principles this country was built on. This book nearly made me stand up and cheer. Highly recommend!”


Author: Steven Rabb
Narrator: Steven Rabb
Publisher: Liberty For All Publishers
Run time: 3 hours 46 minutes
Release Date: 07/01/2021