The Fury

The Fury

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"Full of intriguing characters, fast paced storyline and simmering sexual tension, this is an author who leaves you on the cusp of something wonderful with each page until the climatic ending is revealed. With each page, the reader is propelled into a world of gods & goddesses, demons, and the warriors charged with keeping humanity safe. Ms. McBride is a delight to this reviewer and her captivating characters really give you an idea of what is in their hearts and souls…I was enthralled from the beginning and was rooting for Reese to take Dagan down a peg or two with his high handedness…"

~Dawn, Love Romances & More


He claims he's there to save her, but Reese has seen nothing threatening—except him. As an archeologist, she's used to studying ancient civilizations, not interacting with them face to face. When the mysterious stranger demands she do as she's told, she's got a few ideas on how to handle the smoking, hot man—and anything else that comes along.


Dagan has protected thousands of humans, and until this woman—this beautiful, infuriatingly headstrong woman—fulfilling his time walker duties has been much less complicated. As he draws close to Reese, the power of The Fury overtakes him, binding him to her, exposing her to even more danger. For if he chooses her, he loses everything. And if he loses everything, he will be powerless to stop the ones who hunt her.



Author: Sloan McBride
Narrator: Jeff Bower
Publisher: World of Dreams Publishing, LLC
Run time: 7 hours 43 minutes
Release Date: 07/25/2014