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I was too isolated. I was about to be evicted. I made a final desperate call to the man who ruined my life, but he didn't come for me. 

Someone else did. 

And then there was Seven. When I first woke in the cell, I thought he was my captor, but he is a pawn, like me. 

Seven is beautiful and kind. I want him so much I can barely breathe. He wants to protect me from our captor, but he can't. 

We are both locked inside a game neither of us can ever hope to win, and even though it's wrong, I'm starting to want both men, not just the good one...the monster as well. 

This is a stand-alone dark contemporary romance.


Author: Kitty Thomas
Narrator: Shirl Rae
Publisher: Blue Pencil Media
Run time: 5 hours 21 minutes
Release Date: 10/10/2020