The Ghost and Charlie Muir

The Ghost and Charlie Muir

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Bad enough the big old house Charlie Muir inherits is next door to Ian Gregg, the most gorgeous guy he’s ever seen—it also happens to be occupied by Rachel, the ghost who keeps running off his dates. It’s impossible to get any loving when the bed starts shaking…and not because you’re having fun in it. When Ian helps Charlie search for the source of strange noises in his house, they stumble upon a stack of photographs hiding century-old secrets. Curious of the friendship between the two men pictured, Charlie and Ian set off to solve the mystery of their relationship. With the help of the meddling ghost, a magical mirror, and a way too Smart TV, they find answers…and more. And as things heat up between Charlie and Ian, they begin to wonder if Rachel's meddling has gone too far. Doesn’t Rachel know Ian is straight? Or is he? That kiss they shared the other night sure didn't seem like it. Or the one after that…


Author: Felice Stevens
Narrator: Matt Haynes
Publisher: Felice Stevens
Run time: 10 hours 52 minutes
Release Date: 10/20/2020