The Ghost Who Wasn't There

The Ghost Who Wasn't There

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Life in a post-apocalyptic city teeming with zombies isn't easy, but it can still be fun with the right friends by your side.

Eli Carter is a delivery driver who yearns for adventure.

When Eli meets a smooth-talking necromancer, he decides to make a drastic career change. The delivery driver becomes a ghost hunter!

BOOK 2: The Ghost Who Wasn't There

Eli Carter thinks his newest ghost hunting assignment is an easy one. A simple poltergeist infestation? Easy! A slam dunk. A home run.

But when Eli is bitten on the rear by a swarm of flying piranhas, he learns there's no such thing as an easy ghost hunting assignment.


Author: Angela Pepper
Narrator: John Pirhalla
Publisher: Angela Pepper
Run time: 3 hours 51 minutes
Release Date: 03/05/2017