The Gospel of the Kingdom: Not the Gospel of the Church

The Gospel of the Kingdom: Not the Gospel of the Church

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God’s Kingdom

The Kingdom of God is not spoken about much in the Church these days. We tend to talk a lot about the Kingdom of God but do we really understand what the Kingdom of God actually is. Unfortunately, the Church has become focused on the Church and not on God’s Kingdom.

This book endeavours to provide definitive answers to many questions regarding the Kingdom, such as;

What is a clear definition of the Kingdom?

What are the characteristics of a citizen of the Kingdom?

What is our part in the eternal Kingdom?

What is the Power of the Kingdom and how is that seen now?

What is the work of the Kingdom, now in this life, so that the Kingdom is advanced?

What is the Gospel of the Kingdom as opposed to the Gospel of salvation?

Entering and living in the Kingdom is our divine inheritance. Just understanding about the Kingdom is not enough we must use passion to enter it, experience it and work for its advancement.

Through clever deception the devil has diverted the attention of many in the Church away from the true concept and purpose of the Kingdom of God. Many leaders today are solely focused on numerical statistics and how to grow church membership with little concern for the state of those members. Their gospel preaching contains a strong bias towards what Jesus can do for my life now and not on how I can serve the King, advancing the Kingdom of God.


Author: Robert J. Cottle
Narrator: Leon Tietz
Publisher: RWG Publishing
Run time: 9 hours 44 minutes
Release Date: 04/28/2020