The Gravity Collection: 3 Full Audiobooks by Sarina Bowen

The Gravity Collection: 3 Full Audiobooks by Sarina Bowen

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This exciting boxset features the entire GRAVITY Series by Sarina Bowen, complete and unabridged!


He can't have her. And he can't tell anyone why. 

Ski racer Dane "Danger" Hollister does not do relationships, though he keeps his reason a secret. The real-life curse he's inherited from his mother will eventually cost him everything: his place on the Olympic ski team, his endorsement income, and his ability to fly downhill at top speed. 

Reluctant country girl Willow Reade meets Dane by accident. Literally. Her skidding truck forces him off the road during a blizzard. Stranded together in his Jeep as night falls, the two loneliest people in Vermont find themselves sharing more than they'd planned. And not just conversation. 

Yet neither can guess how their unlikely tryst will threaten Dane's frightening secret and Willow's tentative peace with her own choices. Only mutual trust and understanding can end their pain and give them a hard won shot at love.


She's the woman he doesn't remember. He's the man she can't forget. 

Bad boy Hank "Hazardous" Lazarus used to have everything: a gorgeous girlfriend, a career as a freestyle snowboarder, and a spot on the US Olympic team. Nine months ago, after a bad crash in the half pipe, he woke up in the hospital, unable to move his legs. Now he's landed there again, but gravity is not the culprit. With his family pressuring him to try a groundbreaking treatment, Hank self-medicates with too much tequila instead. 

Doctor Callie Anders has the courage to restart a patient's heart with a thousand volts of electricity, yet she's afraid to risk her own. So she doesn't confess to her newest patient that they met just before the accident, an encounter he doesn't remember. Even as their friendship develops, she won't admit that she regrets turning down his dinner invitation, or that her heart stutters every time those inked shoulders roll through the door of the therapy department. 

With another Vermont winter coming again, Hank needs a handout from under the avalanche of his disappointments. If only Callie were brave enough to take the job.


For one night she had everything. 

Pro snowboarder Stella Lazarus has always loved her brother's best friend. But the one time she tried to show him, she was shot down faster than you can say "competitor disqualified". 

Until one blissful night in Tahoe, when Stella finally gets her man. 

Or does she? 

In the morning, Stella and Bear wake up to horrible news. The sort that sends them racing back to Vermont, and straight into the arms of guilt and family obligations. 

For all of Bryan "Bear" Barry's life, three natural laws held true: his best friend Hank was destined for greatness, Hank's sister Stella was off-limits, and Bear would always manage to negotiate the rocky paths that life threw his way. In the space of two days, that's all shattered. 

Bear can't believe he slipped up so badly with Stella. Even if his best friend wasn't lying broken in a hospital bed, it would still be unforgivable. Determined to do better, he devotes himself to his friend's recovery, denying himself the very person he loves. And the very thing he needs.


Author: Sarina Bowen
Narrator: Joe Arden, Maxine Mitchell, Aiden Snow, Emma Wilder, Noel Harrison, Tanya Eby
Publisher: Blunder Woman Productions
Run time: 21 hours 38 minutes
Release Date: 01/01/2017