The Heartwood Beach: A Heartwood Sisters Novel

The Heartwood Beach: A Heartwood Sisters Novel

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Sheryl Heartwood loves everything to do with plants, flowers, and trees. She tends to the grounds around The Heartwood Inn, and she's content with the beach-side life she's always known.

But she's not very happy about the ex-boyfriend who keeps showing up on her front step, following her around the expansive grounds at the inn, and scaring her.

So she hires Gage Sanders to be her "boyfriend" to keep the other man away. The lines become blurred on the very first day, when she kisses him, which is so unlike Sheryl. As she and Gage spend more time together, she learns about the rough-around-the-edges man while showing him how to truly appreciate the beaches in the cove.

Gage took the job, because he needed the money. A retired military man, he's been doing security work on the ferry, so pal-ing around with a beautiful woman shouldn't be too hard.

Until his heart is on the line.

When their agreement ends, can Sheryl and Gage keep their relationship going?


Author: Elana Johnson
Narrator: Anne Marie Lewis
Publisher: AEJ Creative Works
Run time: 4 hours 53 minutes
Release Date: 04/28/2022