The History of Scotland

The History of Scotland

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Through the glens and along the lochs, beyond forests and windswept isles, the Scottish people endured the many tests of time. The proud nation of Scotland definitely has plenty to boast about: its history is long and tumultuous, filled with a fight for freedom and undefeatable Gaelic identity. From mankind’s earliest footsteps, to the dawn of ethnicities, and all the way to the great migrations of nomads - the mountainous landscapes of Scotland were slowly shaped into a distinct nation that we know and love today. It was a rocky road, without a doubt: the Scottish people are admired for their strong love of freedom and their very long struggle to attain it.

For many centuries, Scotland has been at the crossroads of history. Always fought over by greater powers, this wild land of tradition and heritage has been at the center of a historic whirlwind of war, conquest, and conflict. And in spite of it all, the Scottish people fiercely clung to their identity, pulling it with them through the ages.


Author: History Nerds
Narrator: Graham Mack
Publisher: AM Publishing
Run time: 3 hours 36 minutes
Release Date: 04/12/2022