The Horror Beneath Reality: Inspirations From King Lovecraft and Reality

The Horror Beneath Reality: Inspirations From King Lovecraft and Reality

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I used to question my memories of those events and, at times, speculated on my mental stability. However, such a volume of experiences has assailed me during my journey, that I must conclude their validity. Having developed the insight I now have, I am as like the person who has been hypnotized to remember a crucial forgotten memory. Upon remembering and possessing the new insight, I find myself wondering if I have always possessed it and, through the interactions of life, had merely forgotten it.

All of our perceived reality comes to us through our senses, and these are filtered further by our mental interpretation of that sensory input. From the moment of our birth, we have shaped our perception to select from the Kaleidoscope of colors only those that are perceived as useful to us. Who is to say that much has been ignored? This is why at times, we hear sounds altogether unfamiliar yet possessing an undeniable presence. Sound and touch are senses we little understand, and for this reason, the merciful filters we develop in childhood are not as verbose as with our sight. Yes, we fear the darkness for what it reveals, yet we should just as easily fear the light for what it conceals. At times in the light, I am aware of the terrible beasts that ravage unknown aspects of our being. These terrible and decisive beings have now become my constant companion, and I am ever aware of their continued progress toward me. They seek to coerce me and manipulate me, and it is only with the utmost and continued presence of mind that I am able to resist their attempts at manipulation. As incessant and exhausting as these are, my impossible resolve is ever steadied by the understanding of what will follow if I should give into their ministrations. For you see, I have touched their very spirit, and they mine. This is my story and the story of us all. It is the story of how I came to understand why we all fear the night and have developed false security in the light.


Author: SULI Daniel Johnson
Narrator: Alexander Von Bergman
Publisher: SULI Daniel Johnson
Run time: 7 hours 12 minutes
Release Date: 10/19/2022