The Lady and Her Secret

The Lady and Her Secret

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She seeks the forbidden. He struggles to find peace.

Karin and Pavel are at last reunited. But her desire to take on a task long prohibited has Pavel worried for her safety and that of his new family. She strives to keep her work a secret while he faces his own fight–one of a warrior weary of battle.

Radek and Hana find themselves grappling with what it means to merge two lives, while fighting their pasts–both striving to move beyond their wounds. When Radek’s father becomes a target, Radek is pressed to his very limits to stay level headed. Can Hana find a place in his family? Or will she, too, be unwelcome?

Stepan is wounded in battle. The struggle against his ghosts intensifies. But the healer’s assistant, Patricie, brings some light into his darkness. Will he take hold of it, or let prejudices keep him from the thing his heart needs most?

While the Hussites wrestle with internal conflict, will the enemy take advantage of their vulnerability…and overtake them?


Author: Sara R. Turnquist
Narrator: Becky Brabham
Publisher: Sara R. Turnquist
Run time: 9 hours 45 minutes
Release Date: 11/12/2022