The Last Pendragon Saga Volume 2: The Last Pendragon Saga Boxed Set

The Last Pendragon Saga Volume 2: The Last Pendragon Saga Boxed Set

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What if the myths and legends were once real? What if gods and demons really walked among us--and the heir to the throne of Arthur was one of them?

Volume Two contains the second three installments in The Last Pendragon Saga:

The Pendragon's Quest: Although the dark forces of Arawn are defeated, the Saxons have massed on the border of Wales, aiming for nothing less than the complete subjugation of the Welsh people.

But defeating an army of Saxons is only the first step Rhiann, Cade, and their companions must take if they are to stop Mabon from claiming dominion over the human world for all eternity.

The Pendragon's Champions: The fickle god Mabon, loose again in the human world, searches for the Thirteen Treasures of Britain. With each one he collects, his power grows. Knowing that time grows short, Cade sends out his champions to draw lords from throughout the land together for a final stand against Mabon--before it is too late.

Rise of the Pendragon: With the other gods forbidden to interfere in the human world, it is up to Cade, Rhiann, and their companions to stop Mabon and the Saxons--and time is running out.

The Complete Series reading orderThe Last Pendragon, The Pendragon's Blade, Song of the Pendragon, The Pendragon's Quest, The Pendragon's Champions, Rise of the Pendragon, The Pendragon's Challenge, Legend of the Pendragon.


Author: Sarah Woodbury
Narrator: Tom Mumford
Publisher: The Morgan-Stanwood Publishing Group
Run time: 9 hours 55 minutes
Release Date: 12/03/2021