The Lost Portal

The Lost Portal

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Lost technology might let him walk again, but he'll need lost friends to help him get home.

Cory delves into the Empty World all on his own with just a computer generated guardian for an ally. He knows that if he's ever going to walk again, he needs to unlock the forgotten secrets of medical technology advanced enough to heal him.

Meanwhile, the search party looking for Cory has troubles of its own. Lost in an underground city, Christy and the others have to keep one step ahead of the Ancients who are hunting them as they try to track down Cory. But is the guardian who controls those Ancients the same one helping Cory?

The Lost Portal is the fourth book of the Empty World Saga, a science fiction adventure series for kids aged 8-12. If your kids have blown through the Land of Stories, devoured the Keeper of the Lost Cities, or can't wait for the next Wings of Fire, make the complete Empty World Saga their next read.

Grab The Lost Portal and rediscover wondrous alien technology!


Author: David K. Anderson
Narrator: Heather Costa
Publisher: Magical Scrivener Press
Run time: 4 hours 55 minutes
Release Date: 01/17/2019