The Magical Christmas Tree

The Magical Christmas Tree

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Everett Scott had always dreamed of having a Christmas tree farm. This didn't happen for a good while and Everett worked around town as a handyman. As soon as he could buy land for the tree farm, Everett started planting very small trees that would one day be in homes everywhere for their Christmas. But it takes a long while for the trees to grow, and a lot of hard work pruning and taking care of each tree every year in order for them to have the perfect shape for a Christmas tree. The Magical Christmas Tree is also about Ellie, a sick little girl that can't wait until Christmas to be well and get her Christmas wish. You will learn all about this when you read the story.

The Magical Christmas Tree by Laurence M. Haynes is a sweet and interesting story of Christmas trees. The characters warm our hearts the more we get to know them. Many of us have trees year after year and never think about where they come from and the hard work in growing the trees to perfection. I thoroughly enjoyed the details involved from buying the land for the tree farm, to the trees being ready to go into homes for Christmas, to all of the hard work Everett and his two sons put into the tree farm. Laurence M. Haynes is also his own illustrator with beautiful pictures throughout this book.


Author: Laurence Haynes
Narrator: Joseph Mack
Publisher: L.M. Haynes Publishing
Run time: 15 minutes
Release Date: 12/15/2022