The Mended Man: A Series About Friendship, Family, and Finding Hope

The Mended Man: A Series About Friendship, Family, and Finding Hope

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Welcome to Pemberton Manor: A place where misfits fit in, where normal is overrated, and where hope - and love - spring eternal.

Pax Thayer is what folks might consider damaged goods. Disfigured by a horrific accident that destroyed his career and stripped him of his promising future, he’s become something of a recluse out of necessity. He knows he’s not an easy sight to behold, and he doesn’t blame people for looking away. When he finds himself drawn into a budding friendship with his new neighbor at Pemberton Manor, Pax has a hard time believing that she sees him as more than a pitiful, misshapen monster. Is it possible that love truly is blind, or is the sentiment just wishful thinking and fairytale fantasies?

Pemberton Manor is as out of place in Southern California as its residents seem to be. But if home is where the heart is, then this English estate planted amidst orange groves and palm trees, deserts and beaches, and converted into ten charming apartments, is the perfect place to hang a hat. Fall in love with the quirky bunch of characters who call Pemberton Manor home, but be warned. Once you set foot inside these doors, you may never want to leave.

Pemberton Manor: The Mended Man is a clean and wholesome short story in a series about family life, sweet romance, first love, and second chances. If you enjoyed Becky Doughty's Elderberry Croft Collection, you'll feel right at home with the folks at Pemberton Manor.


Author: Becky Doughty
Narrator: Becky Doughty
Publisher: BraveHearts Press
Run time: 2 hours 5 minutes
Release Date: 11/19/2022