The Miller's Wife: and Other tales

The Miller's Wife: and Other tales

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This unique collection of Stewart’s short stories and descriptive narratives is a testament to the author’s vast imagination. Featuring popular Midwest tales such as “Morrie the Ice Queen” and “The Makeover” as well as some delightful European offerings such as “St Francis and the Goat”, “The Missing Bride” as well as cross-cultural works like “The Tournament”, “The Boat” and the future classic coming of story, “The Buttercups”, this compilation also includes darker works reminiscent of the author’s earlier years “Cell Block Seven and “The Proposal”. These selections illuminate the depth of Stewart’s imagination, humor, irony, and narrative creativity. These are directed to the young and those who wish they still were.


Author: Brian Stewart
Narrator: Alexa Lee
Publisher: Boat Angel Family Films
Run time: 4 hours 3 minutes
Release Date: 12/24/2020