The Most Purrfect Home Of All

The Most Purrfect Home Of All

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Alone, scruffy, and without a name, a little one-eyed stray cat with a fearful past seems happy in his purrfect home – a deserted car in a meadow far away. 

Until one winter's day, a man in a truck appears and hauls his home away. 

In a desperate bid for survival, the little cat embarks upon an adventure to find another purrfect home before he succumbs to the bitter cold. While he searches, he encounters more obstacles than he could ever have imagined. Will he overcome the biggest obstacle of all? Will he ever find the purrfect home?

Set in rural Hungary and based on the life of a real cat, The Most Purrfect Home Of All is a beautiful tale about determination, courage, and compassion. Wonderfully complemented by Maria Andrieieva's enchanting illustrations, this story is bound to capture your heart. 



Author: Susanne Rea
Narrator: Shelley Moore
Publisher: Quinn Publishing Australia
Run time: 9 minutes
Release Date: 12/13/2022