The Night Burning

The Night Burning

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The only thing worse than being the pack’s omega is being mated to a cursed wolf.

Shane and I are bonded, but we have to keep our relationship a secret. The pack is still at risk, and our rivals are lurking on our doorstep, waiting to strike against us.

As sickness makes its way through the pack, Shane is dealing with a poison of his own. Every full moon, the Shadow Curse forces Shane to become an enraged monster… and if we don’t find the cure, he’ll soon be driven mad, and lost to me forever.

My powers are awakening, and they’re out of my control. The demon blood inside of me is reckless and unbound, seeking out a deadly power.

My enemies can’t be stopped… but neither can I. It’s time to show the pack just what I’m made of.


The Night Burning is a fated rejected mates enemies-to-lovers romance. Shifters, dragons, and demons collide in this paranormal urban fantasy saga that is part of author Juliana Haygert’s Rite World universe.

Rite World: Night Wolves

The Night Calling (Book 1)

The Night Burning (Book 2)

The Night Hunting (Book 3)

The Night Rising (Book 4)


Author: Juliana Haygert
Narrator: Candace Joice, Maxx Pinkins
Publisher: Dark Witch Press LLC
Run time: 6 hours 51 minutes
Release Date: 01/30/2023