The Practical Psychic’s Guide: Enhancing intuition, empathy and clairvoyance through most mediums

The Practical Psychic’s Guide: Enhancing intuition, empathy and clairvoyance through most mediums

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This book is written for the advance and the beginning psychics as well as those interested in finding out more. It is written a counterpoint to much of the bad press that the psychic community receives in the larger society. 

It is a practical guide for the practicing psychic discussing psychic ability and provides skills that will assist in enhancing your connection to the larger world. I am a Taoist Master who spent twelve years in a temple. Through the process of overcoming dyslexia, I learned how the mind works at a fundamental level and how to connect with fundamental aspects of reality. Since I was a child, my entire life and reality have been centered around a connection with the world beyond my five senses and the pragmatic definition of the universe.

If you have been a practicing psychic or have experienced the psychic connection, I don’t need to tell you that there is much more going on in the world than what our senses or science tell us. This book explores this while giving practical advice and skills that will help to keep you balanced while enhancing your abilities. I speak to you in practical terms because I live my daily life through Energy. It at once reveals my direction and keeps me from harm while imbuing me with abilities I once never thought possible.

In the world today, we are polarized in so many fundamental ways. There are many reasons for this, but at a fundamental level, it is because of the cycle that we are in. My goal in life has always been to study reality. I try to look at things as they really are. We are in a period of extreme transformation right now where the things we once believed were unchangeable are no longer that certain. The ground is giving way, and this makes it a very frightening time. It is also a wonderful magical time where things once believed impossible will become possible.


Author: SULI Daniel Johnson
Narrator: Robin Geen
Publisher: Genesis 2112 Productions
Run time: 4 hours 52 minutes
Release Date: 11/07/2022