The Prince's Man

The Prince's Man

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In the aftermath of Prince Rhun's death, King Owain and King Madog agreed their children should marry as a way to seal the peace between them. Two years later, the wedding date has finally arrived, though relations between the two kingdoms have improved only to the extent that they aren't actually at war.

So when an innocent falls victim to a poisoned dish, even Queen Cristina is so desperate for the event to take place that she begs Gareth and Gwen to head off another round of murder--and wedding mayhem--in medieval Wales.

The Prince's Man is the thirteenth Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mystery.


Author: Sarah Woodbury
Narrator: Tom Mumford
Publisher: The Morgan-Stanwood Publishing Group
Run time: 9 hours 15 minutes
Release Date: 11/01/2020