The Purging Fire

The Purging Fire

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College student Melissa Sanders, who has vision and hearing loss, seems to be unavoidably present wherever danger threatens in fictional Iandale, New Hampshire. Missy is just trying to help her friends. 

Her roommate, Zoe, is haunted by her unknown past through a recurring nightmare. Their dorm maintenance man, angry with God, has a granddaughter who is transfixed by fire. Missy knows that Alex has some dark secret he just won’t share. 

As romantic interest sparks, college fire marshal Alex Marcus feels compelled to protect Missy from harm, until a violent misunderstanding breaks their marital engagement. Only then it becomes clear that Melissa has been the arsonist’s target. 

Unless otherwise noted, all scripture references are from the New American Standard Bible, Giant Print Edition, Thomas Nelson Publishers, The Lockman Foundation, LaHabra CA, ©1977.



Author: Marlene Mesot
Narrator: Timothy G Little
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing
Run time: 6 hours 21 minutes
Release Date: 09/25/2020