The Queen and the King

The Queen and the King

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In this tale, detective Jess Thornton is hired by a sweet old lady to find her “handbag”, containing her private possessions- her ‘trifles’, nothing important at all.. She gives him a string of sapphires, bright blue gemstones that turn out to be a means to time travel…

Jess and his warrior friend Alexander Blackdeer wind up traveling to various times, in search of this handbag. In 1956, they become involved with the 21 year old Elvis Presley as he prepares to perform in the Mary E. Sawyer Auditorium in La Crosse. Elvis has met a young beauty, and literally disappears with her!

Jess is in a tough situation- not only does he have to make sure that “the show goes on” with Elvis not available, he has promised Elvis personally that he will make sure that it does!

After this trial, he goes on the trail of both the missing handbag, and to retrieve the rock and roll icon from far back in time, in medieval Britain no less. He and Alexander head back in time, and become involved with kingship of two different kinds!


Author: Jess Thornton
Narrator: Jay Bowers
Publisher: Moos Road
Run time: 4 hours 27 minutes
Release Date: 01/01/2020