The Republic Of Texas: "Texas' Last Stand for Faith and Freedom"

The Republic Of Texas: "Texas' Last Stand for Faith and Freedom"

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After the economic collapse of the United States, Texas buys its sovereignty, becoming its own country; The Republic of Texas.

Texas quickly becomes the most powerful economy in the world based on affordable energy and free enterprise, making them a target for a United Nations in need of revenue. The showdown becomes the last stand for faith and freedom.

The Republic of Texas is a picture of what a Christian nation exercising free market principles would look like. It explains capitalism and wraps in a futuristic fantasy. A tender love story surrounded by the threat of world war. The Republic of Texas is an affirmation of the Christian lifestyle, prayer and a case for capitalism being the most free form of self-determination. This radio-style drama will take you on a space age adventure from the bottom of the ocean to outer space on a roller-coaster ride, leaving you on cliff-hanger after cliff-hanger. Until all is resolved.


Author: Gary Bray
Narrator: Linda Gordon, Mike Gordon
Publisher: Trilogy Christian Publishing
Run time: 8 hours 23 minutes
Release Date: 09/01/2022