The Rules of a Big Boss: A Book of Self-love

The Rules of a Big Boss: A Book of Self-love

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This award winning book is published by The Rules of a Big Boss LLC. It is a personal journey of how Haelee P. Moone overcame depression, anxieties, and betrayal. It is a manual for young and adult women to maximize higher self-esteem. It is available in hardcover, paperback, and Ebook format. Please know that the author cannot make you more comfortable in yourself. That’s a journey that you have to travel alone. The good news is that she will do what she can to support you along the way. The things contained within this book are what help her daily. Her hope is that these things help you as they do her.


Author: Haelee Moone
Narrator: Kiea Dixon
Publisher: The Rules of a Big Boss LLC
Run time: 1 hours 13 minutes
Release Date: 09/20/2021