The Secret of the King's Tomb

The Secret of the King's Tomb

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A deep secret that only one man knew … until the whole world found out.

Richard Halliburton, the world famous travel writer and explorer in the early 1920s and 30s, embarked on a journey to explore the world. But he found much more than he ever imagined—and far more than he ever told.

Following the end of World War I, the German Reichswehr set out on an ambitious—and unconventional—expedition to rebuild the military’s war chest beyond the auspices of the restrictive Treaty of Versailles. But when U.S. Army intelligence got wind of what the Reichswehr was doing, action was required. And Richard Halliburton was the man drafted into service.

Join Halliburton on this pulse-pounding adventure in his race to stop the Germans from uncovering one of the greatest artifacts—and secrets—in Egyptian history.

If you love the Indiana Jones franchise, Clive Cussler, or Dan Brown, you’re sure to enjoy this new series from Garrett Drake.


Author: Garrett Drake
Narrator: Dwight Kuhlman
Publisher: Green E-Books
Run time: 9 hours 33 minutes
Release Date: 03/24/2019