The Servants of the House: Forbidden Love

The Servants of the House: Forbidden Love

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The Servants of the House: Forbidden Love-A love romance between a poor servant girl and a gentleman who it would be very forbidden for her to be in love with--When Julia and Sharron who come from a poor but loving and Christian family was sent away from their loving family to work as little servants girls for some rich strangers, they were scared and went into the big unknown all alone not knowing how their life would turn out, it would seem that there was many challenges for them even from the beginning, especially with the fact that Julia at first resents being away from her beloved parents and brothers especially Jack, the brother who she adored. Lots of feelings of hurt, fear, betrayal and confusion came upon them. But without them knowing what their future held and they knew both sorrow and joy, with friendships in places in which they would expect the least. Throughout the story the sister’s relationship with each other remain firm, strong and inseparable, with Sharron has always been the stronger sister, having to lift up Julia’s emotions even though she was the younger sister. Sharron would always come to the rescue against her sister’s bullies, console her in her heartaches, pick her up when she was lacking self-esteem, but at the same time could give her good sound advice and be slightly on the bossy side towards her sister Julia at times. As the precious girls grew up they faced many more challenges both in love and life in general. Especially Julia, who as a young lady falls in love with a gentleman whom she is not supposed to and brings so much complication, heartache, but much joy in her life at the same time, even though that love in unreachable and unattainable for her, or is it really? As her love obsession grows stronger will she stay true to her Christian convictions, will she do the right thing by God, will she be controlled by her feelings and, but the question is what is the right thing?


Author: Tina Jensen
Narrator: Linda LongCrane
Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing
Run time: 7 hours 0 minutes
Release Date: 06/14/2016