The Seven Eyes of Grace: Empowered To Live

The Seven Eyes of Grace: Empowered To Live

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The Holy Spirit is a sevenfold Spirit. He is God among us and He has come to cause the evidence of what Jesus has done as the Last Adam to overtake the evidence of what first Adam did in his fall. Holy Spirit has come to put the life of God to use in the lives of redeemed humanity. The material presented in this book is meant to activate the reader to seek the fullness of the transforming sevenfold Spirit of grace and to experience God’s plan for the maturation of the Body of Christ. May all who read this book be inspired to find the fullness of God’s amazing grace at work in their lives.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit that rests upon Jesus, the Rod, and the Body of Christ, the Branch. Jesus came as both the Son of God and the Son of Man to redeem the human race to their Father in Heaven. The Spirit of God anointed Him in both His calling and His purpose. These verses in the book of Isaiah reveal the seven attributes of the Holy Spirit of God. He is:

1.The Spirit of the Lord

2.The Spirit of Wisdom

3.The Spirit of Understanding

4.The Spirit of Counsel

5.The Spirit of Might

6.The Spirit of Knowledge (Knowing)

7.The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord


Author: Ted J. Hanson
Narrator: Ted J. Hanson
Publisher: House of Bread Publishing
Run time: 11 hours 20 minutes
Release Date: 03/06/2023