The Shadow of Fenrir

The Shadow of Fenrir

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A kingdom seized. Two surviving princes, separated by fate and distance. One seeks revenge; the other, belonging.

“A rip-roaring yarn – class characters and a gripping story.” – Robert Low, author of the Oathsworn series.

“Fox’s rousing tale thrusts you into a dark age world that envelops every sense so powerfully you feel like you’re pounding through the mud beside the characters. A remarkable debut. Recommended.” – James Wilde, author of the bestselling Hereward series.

Rescued as an infant from the wreckage of his boat, Caelin ap Cadwyr has come to be raised as a Norseman, far from his homeland, his family and his destiny. Given a new name – Rathulf Thorvaldarsson – the orphaned Briton is unaware that his chosen path as a Viking warrior is soon to be thrown wildly off course. Although well aware of his British ancestry, one secret has remained hidden from Rathulf throughout his life. The key to that secret is an oaken trunk, plucked with the baby from the foundering skiff all those years ago; but when it comes time to reveal the truth, Rathulf’s foster-father, fearing the loss of his son, defies the will of the Gods. He breaks the blood pact sealed after the rescue of the babe, unintentionally setting off a chain of events that will leave Rathulf fighting not just for his identity, but for life itself.

The Shadow of Fenrir is the first volume in The Wolves of Dumnonia series.

The Wolves of Dumnonia Saga

Set in the turbulent Viking Age and inspired by events recorded in the medieval Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, the Wolves of Dumnonia saga recounts the twilight years of one of the last great British Kingdoms: Dumnonia. The series follows the surviving heirs, Aneurin and Caelin - symbolized by the two wolves of their royal standard - as each seeks out the other so that together they can reclaim their stolen birthright.


Author: Peter Fox
Narrator: Toby Gaffney
Publisher: Elterwater Press
Run time: 9 hours 15 minutes
Release Date: 03/22/2021