The Shaking of the Nations

The Shaking of the Nations

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A church member came up to me after a church service and said in the course of our conversation “I hope I never live to see the last days of the church. I would like to just skip all the problems that generation will face.” Many Church members when faced with the biblical subject of the last days feel the same way. To many churches have failed to prepare God’s People for the end times. They have allowed fear and not faith to dominate their thinking or have taught them to believe they will never have to face such troubling times. Such preaching is failing not only the church but God himself. Much of the church is not ready for God’s last shaking. But God does not have a “Plan B.” God is going to get his church ready. Already He is raising up “prophetic voices” that will awaken his church. This is the challenge and calling God has given me and church leaders around the world - “get my people ready.” The greatest days of the church are ahead and will reveal some of the greatest heroes of the church. As the Prophet Haggai predicted - God is going to “shake once again the heavens and the earth” to cause the nations to realize that the only stability in life is found in the Kingdom of God. The Lord is not going to allow 50% of the world’s population to go quietly into hell. Scripture is clear that God is going to become “audacious” in manifesting the life and power of the Kingdom of God. He will raise up miraculous witnesses on prime time TV that even Antichrist can not touch. He will assign angels to publicly preach the gospel to every village and city in the world. Such audacious events will form the greatest climatic harvest wave in Church history. It is true that this amazing harvest will be accompanied by the worst persecution the church will ever experience. We must face this fact that there will be a generation of the church that will face this great test and it will be sooner


Author: D.Min., Daniel J. Griffiths
Narrator: R. Paul Matty
Publisher: Worldwide Publishing Group
Run time: 4 hours 1 minutes
Release Date: 03/03/2016