The Snowbird Bank Robber

The Snowbird Bank Robber

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He came out of the woods at the back of the rural bank in upstate New York. He was wearing a baseball hat, sun glasses and a balaclava. Nothing of his face was visible. He was also wearing nylon basketball warm-up pants with snaps to allow for easy removal while standing and a loose-fitting nylon top. He went around the side of the small stand-alone building avoiding the drive-through window on the other side. No customers were in the bank. The manager and her assistant were at the two teller windows.

"Okay! Both of you empty your cash drawers into this backpack and be quick; he said in a loud voice. Don't trigger an alarm, I want to see your hands at all times."

He did not appear to be armed or at least was not showing a gun.

"Let's go Damnit! Move it! NOW!


Author: FJ Donohue
Narrator: FJ Donohue
Publisher: FJ Donohue
Run time: 2 hours 51 minutes
Release Date: 10/20/2021