The Timekeeper Gets A Crystal Ball & Other Stories

The Timekeeper Gets A Crystal Ball & Other Stories

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The Timekeeper gets a Crystal Ball

When Scryer the Timekeeper is given a crystal ball for his birthday his brother thinks it is the best gift ever what can go wrong?

also in book

The Neuromancer

a short piece from the view of the Magician "Sandy" the Sandman aka The Neuromancer.

Enter the Dreamscape

"Dad that's harsh even for you," said Lance who was used to such biting words from his father.

The Sandman looked sorry for his friend Lance he thought Blake was acting harsh too.

"We need him to help to kill a nightmare that is killing people these nightmares are a rare beast they are normal dreams with a virus these dreams are sick the virus takes over them they appear as old hags with one eye in their forehead they feed on dreams and kill people as they sleep," said the Sandman.

The Rise of the Necromantor

The Gothic emo Prince of Darkness called Mr Average has grown up and taken up the family business as a stage Illusionist

when his wife, his assistant in his act dies of a trick going wrong after he predicted it he has the eyes of the press and law on him.

Will he go to prison as a murderer or will he go free?

* Star Crossed

The Necromantor, the King of Doom meets his match with a grey alien diplomat's sister Mookaite Ga her brother tries to break them up not because of racism but because he's a jinx because all women he loves die according to the drunk Masked Chicken. They have Romeo and Juliet relationship. It all goes wroMishio Ga her brother from Everyone Is An Alien Somewhere story. He thinks Necromantor's family is a little odd if not alien


Author: Rachel Lawson
Narrator: Rachel Lawson
Publisher: Rachel Lawson
Run time: 1 hours 8 minutes
Release Date: 03/04/2023