The Tournament's Price

The Tournament's Price

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Prince Gage, second-born son of Edelmar’s king, has gained fame and fortune as an undefeated jouster. Knighted young, Gage is audacious on the tournament field but daunted by his responsibilities of leadership. He’s always been content to follow his father’s and his older brother’s leading, but more is expected of him. Will he be able to prove himself capable? 

When a ruthless thief at a tournament makes Gage his next target, it changes everything. The lords of Edelmar thought defeating the blue-eyed thief would end their troubles, but Gage discovers the Blue Crow’s small group of rebels are just the beginning of what is brewing beneath the submissive bows and polite smiles of the common people.


Author: Given Hoffman
Narrator: BriAnn Beck
Publisher: Press On Publishing
Run time: 7 hours 42 minutes
Release Date: 10/16/2021