The Unique: A Minecraft Novel

The Unique: A Minecraft Novel

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This novel is a work of fan fiction. It is unofficial and unauthorized by Mojang AB, Microsoft Corp."The last life-harbouring universe had collapsed. Eleven supernatural humans survived, only to be trapped in an empty void of nothingness. Lost within the strangeness and mystery of their own souls, they continued to exist as illuminations amid the universal darkness. An inextinguishable sparkle of hope that one day they would see the light again, motivated them to break through that infinite loop of nothingness and create a new universe, in which they found the last hope for all of humanity – Earth. In the endless attempts by dark forces to take over Earth, many innocent humans were annihilated. Ruthless battles turned the whole world hellish. The survival of humanity would then depend on one single human, who would have to endure an abundance of pain. This book is a complex and intricate sci-fi novel in the world of Minecraft in which elements of contemporary life and its endless problems are never far from the surface.


Author: Alex Kh.
Narrator: Michael Reaves
Publisher: Aleksandre Khundzakishvili
Run time: 6 hours 9 minutes
Release Date: 05/08/2020