The Vampire and the Paramedic: An Extreme Medical Services Prequel

The Vampire and the Paramedic: An Extreme Medical Services Prequel

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Monsters. Paramedics. Forbidden Love.

Creatures of myth and legend secretly live among us. Even so, Vampire James Lee never thought he would need to call a paramedic. When his werewolf right-hand man Rudy is nearly killed in a car accident, his life and his secret are saved by young paramedic Brynne Garvey.

Now, as James helps Brynne learn more about her patients in his Unusual parallel world, he realizes his desire. Even after sixteen centuries, James discovers a young woman can surprise and impress him in a way he has never felt before.

The Vampire and the Paramedic is the prequel to the paranormal medical fantasy series "Extreme Medical Services." If you're looking for an exceptional twist on the typical vampire romance storyline, then you'll love this wonderful, fun, and wild ambulance ride from real-life paramedic Jamie Davis.

Get this story of Myth, Paramedicine, and Romance now!

Read more about James, Brynne, and newbie paramedic Dean Flynn in Extreme Medical Services, Book 1 available now wherever you buy ebooks or on Kindle and as a physical book at


Author: Jamie Davis
Narrator: Roberto Scarlato
Publisher: MedicCast Productions
Run time: 3 hours 13 minutes
Release Date: 12/04/2019