The Voice of God Through the Eyes of a Dove

The Voice of God Through the Eyes of a Dove

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This book found you; it is a book that goes to certain people; it is like no other book you ever read. When you buy the book you will contact me, I have very important things to give you, one is a dove feather the other hair of a horse, and a rock from a sacred medicine wheel both of these animals and the medicine wheel is mentioned in the book it is part of doing a reading and so much more, like I said this is no ordinary book you don't read it, it reads you, the dove feather is to awaken an ancient memory of your bloodline which is important this is why the book found you. The horse hair is to take you on a spiritual journey where you will meet your guide, you will also be given a rock with instructions how to use it to make a native American wisdom soup all these items are used to do a reading for yourself or others and it is 100 percent accurate and you will be amazed with doing this new reading, congratulations on finding this book, you are one of the chosen ones from a sacred holy bloodline.


Author: Willowearth Convry
Narrator: Rebecca Maria
Publisher: RWG Publishing
Run time: 1 hours 59 minutes
Release Date: 01/10/2017